visual graphic representing various tasks involved in brain mapping

Advances in Patient Specific Brain Mapping Strategies

The safe removal of many intrinsic brain tumors requires identifying brain regions that support critical cognitive and behavioral functions so care can be taken to preserve them during surgery.

Long-term existing neurological deficits can have a marked impact on survival. The current “gold standard” for pre-surgical mapping, electrocortical stimulation (ECS), provides a causal link between cortical regions and behavior.  ECS has been shown to identify function-critical cortical sites with high sensitivity and specificity however, its clinical effectiveness can be limited by prohibitively long acquisition time, reliance on overt responses from patients, and ambiguities regarding stimulation parameters and the interpretation of patient behavior. Our goal is to develop, validate, and clinically implement active ECS mapping strategies as well as passive electrocorticographical (ECoG) approaches to circumvents current limitations.


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