Heatmap demonstrating regions of tumor infiltration and electrode coverage

Interactions Between Gliomas and Functional Cognitive Networks

The vast majority glioma research is centered on survival, while little is known about the mechanisms by which gliomas affect functional cognitive networks.

There is preclinical evidence that neuronal activity influence glioma cell proliferation which is mediated in part by interactions between functioning neurons and glial cells. The brain-glioma relationship may be bi-directional and the study of this topic may contribute to our understanding of how gliomas infiltrate into cognitive neural networks. We therefore study the cellular underpinning behind why some glioma cells maintain functional connections with neurons and how maintaining these connections contributes to cognitive task performance.

Dr. Hervey-Jumper is also the director of the Glial Tumor Neuroscience Program, a coalition of interdisciplinary investigators dedicated to improving glioma therapies and treatments for post-acute survivorship.


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